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4 EIC-funded innovators on Forbes’ 2018 Women in tech list

The European Innovation Council pilot’s SME Instrument is funding outstanding women innovators that break new grounds in technology, science and engineering. This year four women entrepreneurs funded by the SME Instrument have made it to Forbes’ Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech 2018 list. From the CEO of Ada Health to the Founder of SoapBoxLabs have a look at these remarkable innovators.

Gema Climent is the founder and CEO of the company Nesplora that develops virtual reality to treat patients with mental disorders and neurological conditions. These virtual environments put the patient through multiple expected and unexpected stimuli, propose to execute different actions and ask to respond different questions. At the same time the system monitors the reactions of the patient and registers multiple variables. Nesplora received €1.4 million from the SME Instrument in 2017 to build and commercialise a virtual environment to evaluate mental disorders.

Claire Novorol is the co-founder of Ada Health. Ada has developed a unique visual reasoning tool offering diagnosis decision support for doctors at the point of care. After three years of fundamental research in new reasoning technologies, Ada is now able to capture knowledge from medical experts, transform it into a medical reasoning engine and deliver it directly to the point of care in a patient-specific manner. Ada health received €2.4 million from the EIC SME Instrument in 2015 to bring their product closer to market.

Patricia Scanlon from SoapBoxLabs is the founder and CEO of a multilingual speech technology assessment platform for children. Speech technology enables the platform to ‘listen’ and assess as the child reads aloud, giving real-time feedback to rapidly improve reading and language skills and track student progress. SopaBoxLabs received €1.4 million from the SME Instrument to scale-up the platform to 13 new languages.

Laurène Meyniel Schicklin is co-founder of Enyo Pharma that has developed a drug discovery engine that develops treatments against viruses. The company received €2.8 million from the SME Instrument in 2016 to scale-up their project.

Also on the list is Kinga Stanislawska who is shaping the direction of EU innovation funding in the EIC high-level group. And a special mention goes to Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestaeger who is holding digital giants accountable for making the market a fairer place.

The European Innovation Council pilot’s SME Instrument is promoting women in tech notably with it’s Jury of evaluators composed of a majority of women.

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