Sulapac – pack your things without microplastics

Фінське підприємство малого і середнього бізнесу Sulapac ( отримало 1,9 млн. євро за розробку альтернавного до пластику матеріалу. Sulapac прагне вирішити цю проблему шляхом подальшої розробки та комерціалізації.

EIC pilot – funded Sulapac aims to tackle the mountain of plastic waste clogging up our seas by licensing its biodegradable, microplastic-free material to manufacturers around the world. Come meet them on 27 November in the high-level Conference on how innovation and research impact our daily lives!

Plastic packaging is everywhere, from toiletries to disposable coffee cups to fruit and vegetables. Of the 78 million tonnes of plastic produced for packaging each year, more than 30 % ends up polluting the environment, with much of it turning up in the ocean where it has a devastating effect on marine wildlife.

While alternatives to plastic are available, as yet none seem to offer a full solution. Sulapac seeks to address this challenge by further developing and commercialising a microplastic-free and biodegradable material, which provides the benefits of plastic without the waste problem, says project spokesperson Antti Valtonen of Finnish SME Sulapac, which developed the material.

Award-winning packaging

The company has a portfolio of existing, customisable boxes and jars made from Sulapac, but the material is also available to be licensed. Plastic manufacturers can use it in their existing injection moulding and extrusion production lines without major investment, to create packaging of virtually any shape or size, making the product globally scalable in a variety of industries.

Sulapac is currently working with a jewellery and silverware manufacturer and has already won an award for the gift packaging created together using the material. It also recently announced collaborations with a major Finnish food producer and a renewable materials company.

Seeking pioneering brands

Sulapac received EUR 1.9 million from the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot’s SME Instrument strand. The aim of the SULACHANGE is to finalise the company’s product offering to capture the material’s full potential and prepare for worldwide market introduction.

‘We started with the cosmetics industry and are expanding now to foodstuff and pharma customers,’ says Valtonen. ‘We are looking for converters and forerunner brands to start using the Sulapac material. We will optimise our recipe and barrier coatings for high-volume industries, apply for the necessary certificates, carry out customer pilots and create a global licensing model.’

Come meet them!

Sulapac will be speaking at the high-level Conference on how innovation and research impact our daily lives on 27 November in the European Parliament in Brussels with two other EIC pilot-funded companies, Vision Box and Gensoric, in addition to many other EU-funded companies. You can register here or watch the event online.

Read the full project story here.

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