Історії успішних проектів українських МСП за програмою SME Instrument

Знайомтеся, з успішними українськими проектами МСП за програмою SME Instrument:

Project: xBeam3D Metal Printing, Project Acronym: xBeam
PASSIV DOM UKRAINE LCC, Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/06/2017-30/11/2017, http://passivdom.com/
Project: Feasibilitystudy for PassivDom–autonomousself-learning 3D-printed modular house, Project Acronym: PassivDom

SOLARGAPS LLC, Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/11/2017-28/02/2018, https://solargaps.com/
Project: SolarGaps-Energy generatingsolar smartwindow blinds, Project Acronym: SolarGaps

Private enterprise «Dominion», Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/11/2017-30/04/2018 Project: Technology for Onsite3D Printing Production of Lengthy Large Diameter Polyethylene Pipes with Cellular Walls, Project Acronym: TOPpipes
Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/03/2018-31/08/2018, http://www.eim3d.com

Project: Passive and Active Acoustic Leak Detection System, Project Acronym: PAALD LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY INTEGRO-SD,
Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/03/2018-31/08/2018, http://www.integro.co.ua

Project: Innovative Manure Biofertilizers, Project Acronym: IMBIO
Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/06/2018-30/11/2018, https://raccoon.world/rehabilitation/

Project: Raccoon.Recovery–effective mobile data driven hand rehabilitation solution, Project Acronym: Raccoon.Recovery
LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY POLYTEDA CLOUD, Project Phase: Phase 2, 01/01/2017-31/12/2018, http://www.polyteda-cloud.com,
EU contribution: 1.220.888 €
Project: Innovative Cloud-BasedPV Workflow for SemiconductorFoundries, Project Acronym: PVCLOUD

FIRMA INSTYTUT ECOLOGII LIUDYNY-INEKO, Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/07/2018-31/12/2018, http://inecoinstitute.com/

Project: A mobile super high frequency equipment to produce highly dispersed nanosorbentin real tie based on thermally expended graphite for liquidation of natural and man-made accidents, Project Acronym: OILCS DISCOPERI UKRAINE LLC, Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/11/2018-31/03/2019, http://www.discoperi.com
Project: System EYE -сutting-edge innovation to make your drive safer, collect and monetize automotive data, Project Acronym: System EYE

Joint Stock Company NVO ChervonaHvilya, Project Phase: Phase 1, 01/02/2017-31/07/2017, http://rw3dmetals.com

Робоча програма на малих і середніх підприємствах – http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/data/ref/h2020/wp/2018-2020/main/h2020-wp1820-sme_en.pdf

Детальна інформація за посиланням: https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/opportunities/topic-search;freeTextSearchKeyword=;typeCodes=1;statusCodes=31094501,31094502;programCode=H2020;programDivisionCode=31047887;focusAreaCode=null;crossCuttingPriorityCode=null;callCode=Default;sortQuery=openingDate;orderBy=asc;onlyTenders=false

Завантажити (PDF, 393KB)

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